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Poultry Farm Waste Treatment
Poultry Farm Waste (dead birds, feathers and manure) if properly handled, is the most valuable of all livestock waste.  It has historically been used as a source of plant nutrient and soil amendment.  However, in areas of intense poultry production, excess manure represents a waste problem for producers.
In some areas, over-fertilizing pastureland with poultry waste and manure has resulted in groundwater and surface water problems. These problems develop  as excess nutrients wash off the land or leaches into groundwater supplies.
This integrated WaterCure distillation system, CycloVac is able to perform at temperatures that are at or above 50º F and an electrical cost for distillation of less than $1.00 per 1000 gallons of water or $ .001 per gallon.
WaterCure's patented systems are mounted on a modular hard anodized aluminum frame that has fork lift openings in its base and detachable casters providing for simple, straightforward installation and service. WaterCure's patented systems are also bearing-free, and are therefore largely free from maintenance.
WaterCure's Poultry Farm waste treatment systems are sometimes used with another MesaTech company product, the EnviroGen power Generator from EnviroPower. EnviroGen can make these Poultry Farm waste discharge treatment systems self-sustaining.

CycloVac is a patented distillation system that is used for the final polishing of the water before discharging into streams that discharge into water tables and underground aquifers.
Biofix is used for the removal of bacteriological and other biological materials.
SiteWatch provides hourly reporting of an ongoing distillation of a particular Poultry Farm waste discharge source to an unlimited number of corporate TotalWatch locations, assuring 24-hour support using email or voip communication, with alarms and automatic shutdown when a Poultry Farmwaste treatment's water quality is 'outside' EPA criteria or when failure of critical components in a CycloVac treatment system occurs.
WaterCure uses its TotalWatch communication system, including aSiteWatch SCADA interface with software to routinely operate a particular distillation system and to moitor it's ongoing water quality, including conductivity, pH, dissolved Oxygen and carbon dioxide and to trouble-shoot the system from a remote location by simply logging on to the Internet using the system's Web Browser and IP address.
SiteWatch with TotalWatch software and an IP address for each Poultry Farm waste treatment location make these systems unique.
CycloDyne can be used for the removal removal of remaining floating solids, suspended particulate and high concentrations of salt to insure effective distillation.
WaterCure Environmental Technologies
A single 125 gpm CycloVac distillation system can process as much as 180,000 gallons of Poultry waste discharge water per day.